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Red EpiPen Bluetooth Case

$49.00 Regular price $59.00

Our best selling Epipen and medication case just got better!

  • Customizable Allergy information and Personanlization

  • Quilted front and back with Insul-Fleece™ that helps to reflect heat or cold back to its source. Will keep your epipens cool longer than a standard case

  • Lined with ProSoft MediPUL® Medical Grade Waterproof Level 4 Barrier Fabric

  • Interior pocket keeps the Bluetoothsafe and secure, with easy removal for washing or replacement.

  • Zippered pouch comes with clasp

Keep life saving medical prescriptions close at hand and organized in this zippered case.  The added protection of Bluetooth technology means that you can find it quickly. Customize by choosing the color, adding name, and adding what allergens to stay away from.



  • Receive alerts when you leave your medication behind & view the last-known location.
  • Track your medication’s expiration date within the app to get notifications to renew.
  • Versions available for EpiPen © and Auvi-Q © Expected release in Summer 2020.

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