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About Us

Welcome! I’m Krysta Solaris Langner, and this is Persunly. Thank you so much for stopping by...I'd love to tell you a little bit about how I got started.

Escaping from Cuba in the 1960’s with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, my family found its way to America and began learning to make ends meet.  As a young girl, I remember sitting beside my grandmother as she hunched over her old, avocado-colored factory sewing machine, watching her create magic with her hands. I vividly remember every detail of that heavy iron machine. It was built into a wide Formica desk, had an enormous foot pedal beneath, made only tiny straight stitches, and sounded like a diesel truck. Twice a week a man would deliver two dozen shirts and two dozen collars to Abuela's door, and the next day he would pick up two dozen collared shirts. She never had a pattern or instructions, and I often marveled at her speed and agility.

One day, it occurred to my mom that Grandma could make dresses for my sister and I, and so began the trips to the fabric store.  The quest for materials became an adventure every time, with countless paths to take - each one had a unique destination. My sister and I chose from dozens of patterns and styles, and then gathered just the right fabric, buttons, and trim for a dress I could already see in my head. Grandma would cut the beautiful yardage into odd shapes and I would watch as it whizzed beneath the machine needle, guided by her skilled hands. Often I had to go home before it was done, and when I saw it next, it was ready to wear. 

Until nearly 10 years later when a friend suggested I make my own costume for a Civil War era dance, I couldn’t understand how a simple piece of calico could turn into a gown that fit and flowed and took my breath away.

"Oh, I don't really sew," I told my friend. My family had moved away from my grandmother and her sewing machine, and though she had given me a few beginner sewing lessons, it never really made sense to me.

"It's easy, I help you", Grandma told me confidently. So, we bought some calico and cut and pinned and pleated until we had something that resembled a skirt, large enough to rest over a huge Victorian hoop-skirt. It was too tight at the waist, and longer on one side, but I loved it, and could have danced all night. The next day, reality set in as I examined my work more closely. “I can fix this,” I thought. So I took it apart, and put it together again. And again…and again.

Something inside me clicked.  

And just like that, I understood and possessed the magic that still flowed from my grandmother’s fingers.

It didn’t happen overnight; no one becomes a master in a day. Those first few pieces, were…well, they were terrible. I began to fall in love with making things, and love covers a multitude of mistakes. Every new project gave me a new skill. I was determined to create the things I imagined, to try every new idea that came along. Every hour spent at my machine was like a dream, and every mountain of difficulty became a hill I could climb with courage.

Before long, I discovered machine embroidery, and all the endless possibilities it presents. By the time I graduated from high school, I had fallen head over heels in love with sewing. With the money my grandparents sent, I purchased my first embroidery machine, and since that time, I haven’t stopped creating. Each time I sit at my desk to make something new, I know I’m an artist, because I fall in love with every creation…every fabric and button and thread. I think I especially love thread. It has a mind all it’s own, but we are definitely on speaking terms. It possesses strength and beauty, it is both practical, and decorative. Every shade tells a story. The composition I create becomes a symphony of color.

My husband Josh and I were married nearly 8 years ago. Together, we have a beautiful home, and three adorable children ages 6, 5 and 3 who inspire me daily. I enjoy the juggling act of being a mom and an artist. I feel blessed beyond measure that I’m able to share Persunly creations though Etsy, and now with you, through this website.