Let's Get Together!

Krysta and Dorinda met at a school event in 2013 and instantly clicked. Their shared love of fabric, color, and fun products make them the perfect team!

We looked everywhere and saw lots of grays and muted designs, or old school pastels. We love color and are so excited to create fresh designs with exquisite color schemes!

As moms to NINE kids put together, we know a thing or two about what we do, and we work hard to bring you special products we love too.

We strive to make every item we design unique, fun, and practical! Everything we make is something our kids and families use and love.

About Krysta:
My Family escaped from Cuba in the 1960's, and I grew up seeing hard work and perseverance in a profound way. At 19 years old I thought it was a good idea to get married and started having kids right away. I never had a chance to go to college, but I've been sewing professionally (including Victorian ball gowns!) since I was 17. I loved the business and design aspects, but my ADHD found dress sewing tedious. When I discovered machine embroidery in 2010, I fell in love! My sewing skills still come in handy for pillows, banners, and some other things, but my real love is color and design. I love it when practical things are beautiful, and every day items can be made more special with a monogram or favorite design. I LOVE creating new collections for special events! Making things by hand from my studio helps support my family while doing something I love.

Krysta has 4 kids: two boys and two girls, a corgi, and two cats. Her husband is a web developer. She does most of the computer design work, as well as the marketing, and works with Dorinda on making of products.

About Dorinda:
I also got married at 19 and wanted to have kids right away! I struggled with infertility issues for a few years, and was eventually blessed with a girl, a boy, and then TRIPLET girls! Being a mom took up most of my time, but I still found time to blog, do couponing, as well as pour myself over home decor and design magazines. I've always loved color, and I proudly say I don't have a favorite color because I love them ALL! Working doing something I love from the Persunly studio helps bring in an income. I love how flexible it is so I can spend more time with my busy family!

Dorinda has 5 kids, a German shepherd, and three cats. Her husband is a graphic designer, who helps with lots of our videos and photography. Dorinda is in charge of finances, supply ordering, product color design, and works with Krysta on the making and packaging.