The Persunly Personalization Guide

Let's make personalization easier, and more fun! From fonts and color options, to what wording to choose and monogram styles, we are here to help. Check out our recommendations!


How to add Personalization to your item:

  1. Select the Personalize option for your item.
  2. Choose a font. See item photos for font names and descriptions.
  3. Fill out the box. Character limits are in place to make sure your personalization looks the best it can be on your specific item.
  4. Be creative! Adding personalization isn’t just for names! Initials, nicknames, and fun phrases can add that personal touch you can’t find anywhere else. Stuck on what to do? Check out our IDEAS LIST below!
  5. Be sure to type your wording exactly as you wish it to appear. We will honor all spaces, capitalization, and punctuation AS YOU TYPE IT. 
  6. Review your personalization and add the item to your cart.
  7. Get excited! As soon as you submit your order our designer will review it and start preparing it for production.



The custom wording, or text, that goes on your item. If the item you’re looking at already has wording on it (for example, DANCE LIFE), thats not what we’re talking about. Thats the design. Your personalization would be the wording you’d like in addition to the base design.



  • First name eg. Westley
  • First and last name eg. Westley Langner
  • First and middle (if you have a fun one!) eg. Westley Skye
  • First name and last initial (great if you have a long last name) eg. Westley L.
  • First initial and last name eg. W. Langner
  • Nickname eg. Westi
  • Affectionate eg. Mr. Awesome
  • Encouraging eg. Be Brave
  • Holiday wishes eg. Merry Christmoose
  • Birthday Wishes eg. Birthday Dude!
  • My First… eg. Westi’s 1st Halloween
  • Funny eg. Have a Killer Birthday!
  • Label eg. Westi’s Pencils
  • Team Name eg. The Eagles
  • Adventure eg. Explore
  • From eg. From Grandma
  • Memories eg. Summer Trip 2020
  • You’re an animal eg. Tiny T-rex
  • Funny Food eg. We make a great Pear
  • Wall Words eg. Boys Rule



On most product pages you will find a font chart in the photos, with a corresponding drop down list options. Our on staff font nerd and has spent hours collecting, testing, and playing with fonts to choose the best, most readable ones for the job. Unlike other companies that choose a narrow font list and offer the same options for every product, we took the time to figure out what styles reflect that specific item. 

Why do our font lists vary for different items? Why do some products not have a font list?

Fonts are so fun when done right! We look for style, readability, embroidery quality, and size range when choosing fonts. Some fonts work great on certain products but not on others. Some product designs work when we choose the font as part of the design. Have fun testing your desired name in the font previewer below!

Why do we have character limits?

Readability is key. We test products based on their size and font options to determine what will best embroider on that product.

Can I request a different font than shown?

At this time you can only choose what is available in the drop down list for that product.

What is a monogram and how is it different?

Monogram specifically means a 3-4 set of initials, often arranged into a shape. Any font can be a monogram, but Monogram specific fonts do not work for longer wording.

Can I expect the thread to look the same as the font generator?

Because thread embroidered on an item is 3-dimensional and has texture, please be aware that the final affect may vary from the computer screen image.

What color will my personalization be in?

Due to the wide range of colors we offer, many products will be embroidered in the color and tone we feel will show best. At this time only some items have font color choices, but please leave us a note in your shopping cart if you’d like to make a request. Please note that your color choice may be less readable than our recommendation. 

Can I see how my name will look in my desired font?

Font Previewer COMING SOON!